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Every Child Feels Like a Winner at AAK-Way of Karate!

Children are quick learners. They love to imitate. And they’re filled with energy. Running, jumping, squatting, rolling and hopping are normal activities for every child. The Children’s Martial Arts Program at AAK-Way of Karate, we channel this boundless energy to build character and help each student achieve their highest possible goals.

In the Children’s Martial Arts Program at AAK-Way of Karate, we take that natural energy and direct it into practical martial arts. We have seen it happen over and over again: a student accomplishes something they thought they would never be able to do.

Why would you want to enroll your child into The Children’s Martial Arts Program at AAK-Way of Karate? SAFETY. It’s impossible for you to be with your child all the time, and bullies tend to pick on people smaller than themselves.

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Boys and girls can learn effective martial arts techniques. They’ll be safe, and you’ll be worry-free and proud.

Children as young as four are accepted into our program. They may be overweight or thin, shy or outgoing, tall for their age or short. Our professional staff at AAK-Way of Karate begins their initiation into martial arts by accepting each child as they are.

Your son or daughter will be in a class among peers where everyone is comfortable. Age is the main consideration as to which class your child will be in, but we also take into account previous martial arts training.

ACTION, ACTION, ACTION Characterizes every class.

To the casual observer, The Children’s Martial Arts Program at AAK-Way of Karate may look like chaos. They’re noisy. That’s because they’re kids having FUN! However, our expert instructors have an eye on each child and, every step is watched, corrected and finally perfected. Safety is always uppermost in our mind.

You can expect your child to achieve peak physical condition. Our step-by-step martial arts program strengthens and tones all the muscles. Kid’s love doing the moves. Eye, hand and foot coordination is developed. Balance is stressed. And once a technique is mastered, another is introduced. Step by step, a strong foundation is built that will last a lifetime.

Each student becomes aware of their abilities and limitations. They will be taught safe application techniques and what to avoid. What to avoid is good to know.

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Mastering the physical movements leads the child to a sense of accomplishment, which in turn leads to self-worth. If a situation arises where peer pressure is exerted to indulge in drugs or alcohol, for example, self-worth can make the difference in your child’s decision. Our programs equip your child to make the right choice.

In a crowd, your child will stand out. Poise and self-confidence cannot be hidden. It’s the qualities of leadership in any community or organization. Enroll your youngster in the AAK-Way of Karate, and we’ll give your child the training to succeed.

Every class at AAK-Way of Karate includes:


Let’s think about the goals you may have for your son or daughter. Might one goal be for your child to focus attention on a task? Maybe your child needs a constructive outlet for all that youthful energy? Is it physical fitness or self-defense skills? Or how about plain old fun while learning something new and beneficial? Whatever your goals, we have the ideal program for your child.

The Children’s Martial Arts Program at AAK-Way of Karate has seen many youngsters come through the doors. That door is open, and we’d like to invite your son or daughter in. Feel free to stop in, observe a class and talk with our instructors. Or call (408) 476-8314 now. Also ask about our monthly special offers.

We can all take pride in seeing your child become a physically fit, confident, self-assured and respectful martial artist.

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